Dealing with a flat foot is not easy to deal with. Not only is it painful, but this deformity usually has lasting effects on your other joints and bones. With these six simple flat foot exercises to ease your pain, you’ll be enhancing your legs and avoiding more pain caused by your flat foot.

7 Simple Flat Foot Exercises To Ease Your Pain

#1 Toe Running And Walking Barefoot


Orthopedic Shoes


Did you know that walking around barefoot in your home can help a lot with fixing the foot and preventing future pain? Using orthopedic shoes specially for this condition could help a lot, but when you’re at home, just walking barefoot goes a long way. Walking barefoot pushes, flexes, grasps, and pulls your foot into its natural and correct shape.


Toe Running


Toe running is simply another way to stretch out the foot. Toe running helps stretch the bottom half of the foot to get the ligaments moving. This will remove and prevent any future pain caused by your flat foot.


#2 Heel Separation

Try sitting down on a chair and putting your feet together. Start to separate your heels while keeping your toes touching. Do this very slowly back and forth. Having a flat foot usually means that your ligaments just need to be stretched. When you stretch the foot, you’ll be more accustomed to other movements you make as you walk making it less painful.


Heel Separation

#3 Tennis Ball Exercise

One of the best foot exercises to ease your pain is the tennis ball exercise. This involves placing a tennis ball under your heel while trying to put your toes on the floor. After several minutes of doing this while also breathing in and out, place the ball towards the toes of your foot and trying to make your heel touch the floor. Try shifting it to the next foot and repeat for 20 minutes. This will help get the correct arch in your feet.


Tennis Ball Exercise


#4 Yoga Poses

Doing Yoga and taking a local class can help with your feet and the pain. Doing Yoga involves stretching your body into multiple positions and poses, and so this helps your legs and feet to conform into its natural shape. The stretching also helps with preventing potential pain.


The Eagle Pose


The Eagle Pose is one of the best to do. It involves wrapping one foot behind the other calf and extending it as far as you can. Be sure to lift the toes that is wrapping around the leg to help with the arch.

#5 Pointing The Toes

One good exercise to try is to point your toes for 15 seconds, rest for 10, and repeat it until you’ve done it 10 or 15 times. It’s best to do both feet together at the same time. Ballet is a great form of dance to try after you have slowly progressed and improved your flat foot. You could also try doing it in different positions like standing up and doing just one foot or sitting down and doing both feet.


Pointing The Toes


#6 Toe Stands On The Side

This exercise will help strengthen the feet drastically. Stand barefoot about shoulder-width apart, and then slightly bend your knees. Start rolling your feet a bit outward so that you’re slightly standing on the outer edge of your feet. While keeping that balance, slowly rise up onto your toes. Wait until you feel the stretch in the arch. Stay up there for five seconds, and be sure to do it five times a day.


These foot exercises to ease your pain will help drastically on improving the ligaments and strengthen every part of your feet.