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Shoulder Pain Treatment & Prevention: Rotator Cuff & Frozen Shoulder

Learn about various types of shoulder pain treatment and injuries that cause shoulder pain. The types of injuries discussed include shoulder tendonitis, frozen shoulder, and rotator cuff problems. Dr. Steve Gangemi (aka the Sock Doc) explains how to identify, naturally treat, and prevent common shoulder pain, shoulder injuries and ailments.




Causes of Outside Knee Pain, Ligament, Meniscus, Cartilage and Tendon Injury

In this video going to answer a common question: what causes outside knee pain? Discuss the reasons for outside knee pain and what structures can be causing pain on the outside of the knee.

Outside knee pain can be caused by injury to the LCL or Lateral Meniscus, from worn out joint cartilage as in arthritis, knee cap, patellar tendon, patello femoral syndrome, lT band irritation, etc.

Poor pelvis, hip, knee, ankle and foot mechanics, muscle weakness or tightness, excessive wear and tear can all cause lateral knee pain or outside knee pain.



20 Minute Stretches for Hip & Back Pain, How to Stretch for Beginners, Home Fitness Routine

20 Minute stretches for hip & back pain, how to stretch for beginners, home fitness routine. In this video, Donnie shares the basic stretches to relieve tight, tense hips, hip flexors and to relieve low back pain.



MAKOplasty® Robotic Arm Partial Knee Resurfacing, Left Medial Unicompartmental

Watch MAKOplasty┬« Robotic Arm Partial Knee Resurfacing, Left Medial Unicompartmental – Presented by Frederick F. Buechel, Jr., MD



Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Exercises

Pat Stanziano, Sport Physiotherapist at The Proactive Athlete, discusses nerve gliding exercises complete with progressions for the median nerve in people suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.



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