Orthopedic issues affect an estimated 44 million Americans. Some of the most common orthopedic injuries are Sciatica, osteoporosis, torn rotator cuffs, hip fractures and a multitude of other injuries. There are preventative measures that can be implemented in your daily life to ensure healthy bones and joints. Such as increasing the amount of calcium and vitamin D in your diet. Your body needs both in order for your bones to absorb the vitamin D. This can be done by increasing your consumption of dairy products, broccoli, almonds and spending time outdoors in the sun can help boost vitamin D.

The older we get our bones start to deteriorate which can lead to orthopedic injuries. Regular exercise as well as dietary changes can help slow the process. Regular exercise can help increase bone density, which will cut down your risk of developing osteoporosis, another orthopedic issue that affects millions of elderly adults, by adding low impact and resistance exercises you can maintain bone density.

Strength training exercises are also beneficial for bone density and joints. Strong muscles cradle your joints, helping to prevent injury. If your body lacks strong muscles, your joints, hips, knees and spine, take a beating. Lifting weights help you build muscle and helps keep your ligaments strong. Your ligaments help support your joints so your joints don’t have to do all the work. Additionally flexibility exercises are also good for the joints.

When you practice stretching exercises such as Pilates and yoga you help preserve your range of motion which also protects your joints and ligaments. Make sure to use good posture to avoid undue stress on your bones and joints. Failure to keep healthy joints and ligaments can result in orthopedic injuries.

If an injury does crop up seek medical attention immediately as any treatment can help lessen any permanent damage done to ligaments, tendons and joints. If you need any type of surgery for an orthopedic injury this can be very expensive and have a lengthy recovery process. Many people are choosing to travel abroad to have orthopedic surgeries done. There are decreased waiting times to have a procedure done plus the newer technologies and surgical experience is an added bonus which is helping people make the decision to travel for treatments.

The best course when approaching an orthopedic injury is to research all your options. You can search for information regarding bone doctor in Singapore and professional orthopaedic treatment at Providence Orthopaedic.