What is Shoulder Pain?

get a shoulder pain treatmentPain in the shoulder – whether sharp or dull – can occur for a variety of reasons. You may be injured in a accident, have strained the muscles in the area or have a pre-existing medical condition like a frozen shoulder, bursitis or even a rotator cuff disorder. Even broken collarbones or shoulder surgery can cause this pain.

You may experience shoulder pain throughout the day, or only when you try to move your arm in a certain way, such as when you try to brush your hair or raise your arms to put something on a shelf. The level of pain experienced can range from annoying to excruciating, and can have a marked effect on your physical and mental health.

The good news is that there are ways to prevent pain in your shoulder.


Some of the most common causes of pain in the shoulder can be prevented through regular exercise and strengthening of the muscles in the back. This will help with your posture, which can reduce the likelihood of such pain occurring. Staying active is often one of the first steps that doctors recommend for patients suffering with pain in their shoulder; the less you use those muscles, the more likely it is that you will experience pain.

shoulder pain treatment exercises

Management and Treatment

Pain in the shoulder area can happen to anyone despite your best attempts to avoid it. You may sustain an injury to the muscles in the shoulder, or find that arthritis is having a marked effect on the area. If you’re experiencing significant shoulder pain that won’t go away, you can consider a number of ways to treat the issue.

Visiting a qualified physical therapist, such as the staff at Providence Orthopaedic Singapore, can help you discover ways to manage and even reduce the pain. They will provide medical advice and recommend a shoulder pain treatment plan. You may benefit from ice packs, painkillers, corticosteroid injections or even just basic physical therapy. By working with professionals, you can take steps to avoid long-term pain and injury, or manage it successfully when it does happen.