Pain radiating from around the shoulder joints can restrict your movements. It can deter you from performing work and family responsibilities and from carrying out activities that you are interested and passionate about. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be a chronic condition that permanently disables you. Here’s five ways you can ease shoulder pain.

Identify the Cause 

A common culprit of shoulder pain is when the rotator cuff tendons slide and get stuck below the bony portion of the shoulder. Left untreated, the tendons gradually swell up or get damaged, which is medically termed as bursitis. Other possible causes include arthritis and a dislocated shoulder due to an accident or from playing contact sports. Overuse of surrounding bones and muscles like the biceps or triceps may also injure the shoulder.

Apply Cold Compress 

Apply an ice pack on the affected shoulder area for 15 minutes. Remove the ice pack for 15 minutes and then repeat the procedure at least three times for two to three days. Make sure to have sufficient material separating the ice from your bare skin as this can cause frostbite. After two or three days, rest your shoulders. Only perform low-impact activities, such as getting a glass of water or reaching for things without having to overextend your affected arm.

Get a Massage 

Look for the affected area and massage it gently. Rub back and forth for at least one full minute. This centuries-old practice is referred to as cross-fiber friction massage and is claimed to reduce inflammation and formation of scar tissue. It’s important to keep in mind that cross-fiber friction massage isn’t relaxing as some would mistaken for anything that has to do with massages. Its main purpose is to help speed up the healing process for body pains.

Rebalance the Shoulders 

A simple yet effective shoulder pain treatment is to rebalance the joints. As the front part of the chest region gradually shrinks and gets stronger, the back muscles are stretched and become weaker or vice versa. Stretching and conditioning the front and back muscles will help rebalance the shoulders. Moreover, maintain good posture and gait at all times, whether you are sleeping or riding the train to work. Over time, a slouched posture can develop into shoulder and back pain as pressure is not allocated properly.

Obtain Expert Opinion 

Albeit there are expenses to visiting a Providence Orthopaedic Singapore provider, the cost is offset by the immediate pain relief and the higher costs of needing surgery to correct shoulder joint pain. Your chosen orthopaedic provider will conduct a physical examination to get a better look at your shoulders. Expect to be asked questions related to your health, such as activities you frequently participate in and your family’s health history. Medication, particularly NSAIDs, will usually be prescribed alongside physical therapy sessions. If both methods fail to get results, surgery may be required.

While shoulder pain is natural, it shouldn’t be permanent. Use what you’ve learned from these five tips to assess your current health situation and to take better care of your body.