The Types of Antiaging Treatments Available for Women and Men

Most individuals want to look young as long as possible, and with modern age management techniques, it is possible. Both women and men visit aesthetic clinics to receive antiaging treatments designed to make their face and body have a younger appearance. There are minimally invasive and nonsurgical procedures available to reduce deep creases and wrinkles from the face in addition to procedures for the neck, arms and other body parts. Some of the antiaging procedures available are performed in only an hour with a simple spa treatment while other processes can require several treatments or overnight stays.

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Receive Injections of Botox to Reduce Facial Wrinkles

Skin rejuvenation procedures on the face are commonly performed at beauty and aesthetic clinics. One of the most popular treatments are injections of Botox near the mouth or between the eyes to deaden nerves in the face that move muscles to create expressions such as frowning or laughing. An injection of Botox into skin tissue on the face requires only a few minutes, and patients experience a reduction in fine lines for up to six months. As the results of Botox wears off, patients can return to a clinic for additional treatments.

Undergo Chemical Facial Peels to Improve the Skin’s Appearance

Many patients also request chemical peels on the face and neck to remove the top layers of skin that frequently have a rough and aged texture. Chemical peel products contain strong acids such as:

• Alpha hydroxy acid
• Beta hydroxy acid
• Retinoic acid
• Jessner’s peel
• Croton oil

Light chemical peels do not require anaesthesia, but patients will experience reddish skin that sloughs off or exfoliates to expose more youthful skin layers.

Request Removal of Excess Hair from the Body and Face

Another aesthetic procedure desired by visitors at a beauty and aesthetic clinic is hair removal from the body or face. Because improper removal of hair with shaving and plucking can lead to scars, aestheticians can use other techniques that offer longer results. The application of waxes on the facial or body skin is a fast way to remove a lot of hair quickly. This method removes hair at the roots, leaving smoothly textured skin. For long-term results, patients may request laser hair removal that helps to destroy follicles to permanently reduce hair growth.
Injections of Dermal Fillers Create a Youthful Face

Age management also includes using dermal fillers to eliminate deep creases on the face (recommended age management at Prive Clinic). Filler products include substances such as:

• Biosynthetic polymers
• Collagen
• Hyaluronic acid

An injection of dermal filler may last up to six months and is typically used to plump depressions in the facial cheeks, contour the jawline or increase the volume of facial lips. As the effects of dermal fillers wear off, it is possible to return to a clinic for new treatments.

Have Skin Discolourations Lightened or Removed

As people get older, the skin often changes due to loss of collagen or exposure to sunlight, leading to discolourations. Photorejuvenation is a simple process using intense pulsed light from cool lasers to get rid of dark freckles, tiny spider veins or acne scars. Laser resurfacing vapourizes skin cells and encourages the body to create new collagen that leads to a more youthful appearance.

Get Rid of Dimpled Fat in the Abdomen and Thighs

In addition to wanting to improve the face, many individuals want age management procedures for their body. A beauty and aesthetic clinic can use specialised procedures to reduce cellulite on a client’s buttocks, thighs or abdomen. A liposuction procedure that destroys fat cells with a freezing technique is a preferred method for reducing dimpled fat that frequently occurs on the body.